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Joseph Stowell's Video Tape Sets

"Trading the Bond Futures Contract", Joseph Stowell's Seminar for The Canadian Society of Technical Analysts. Set of TWO tapes and a script of the Seminar. Approximately 3 hours. ISBN 1-886977-02-X 

Excellent entry point to get aquainted with Joseph Stowell's approach to trading. This video seminar introduces you to all his unique concepts in a very easy way. It will help you to develop a trading approach to futures markets by learning several short-term trading techniques through the use of the daily bar chart. You'll learn how to construct and use the unique "Three Bar Net Line", and the unique "Trend Line" and how to identify high points and low points on the chart. You'll learn how to identify trend reversals throug the use of unique "Cups" and "Caps". Discover three specific protective stop procedures and how and when to enter the market and take profits. In this video seminar you'll learn unique and original charting techniques for stock and bond markets, and you'll gain the understanding and confidence you need to follow several succesful trading signals

Approximately 3 hours of definitive trading techniques that have produced thousand of dollars in trading profits. 

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"Low Risk Entry Points" - The Path To Successful Trading. Time: 60 min. ISBN 1-886977-03-8

This one hour video displays, through the use of individual charts and diagrams, Stowell’s Resistance And Support Zones; Stowell’s Volume/Open Interest Ratio; and Stowell’s ATR (Average True Range) Signals. Viewers will learn several short term trading techniques that combine the use of the daily bar chart and Stowell’s technical indicators producing low risk entry points for the futures markets.

The Video package includes a 26 page notebook of the various charts, graphs and diagrams used in the video presentation. This notebook material is also included in the book - SYSTEMATIC TRADING - A RESONABLE APPROACH FOR SUCCESSFUL TRADING.

Learn how to identify low risk entry points by using the material in the video. By developing your personal trading style through the use of a systematic approach to the markets, you will improve your ability in locating those trading situations that are likely to produce profitable trades.

All trading has the potential of loss as well as profit. Although I can not guarantee profits nor the avoidance of loss, being informed and developing a personal trading style will place you ahead of the uninformed participant. The difference between a winning trade and a losing trade often is knowledge. You have the opportunity to increase your trading knowledge by learning the techniques taught in the video - LOW RISK ENTRY POINTS - THE PATH TO SUCCESSFUL TRADING.

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